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I often see those who are hesitant to begin therapy have fear of needing to tell their life stories. This isn’t my style; I am much more interested in what is happening here and now. The details of the experiences that have happened previously will reveal themselves as needed throughout the therapeutic process. In therapy, my clients drive the bus and I simply help navigate them through the experience. I believe the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist is one that is built on trust and collaboration, which takes time to develop. My goal is to provide the type of therapeutic environment that my clients are looking for and this means that therapy with me can look different from person to person. Whether you’re looking to learn skills to help with emotional regulation, improve communication with your partner, heal from a traumatic experience, or want a safe place to explore and process your feelings, I am here for you and we can do it together.

Topics covered often include, but aren't limited to:

- infertility/fertility assistance 

- pregnancy

- birth trauma

- adjusting to new baby or adjusting to caring for multiple children 

- preparing your relationship for the addition of a new baby

- changes in relationships after baby

- perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (postpartum depression/anxiety)

- parenting and child bonding

I want to make the counseling experience as convenient and accessible, which is why I offer virtual counseling sessions so that you never need to worry about leaving your home or finding a babysitter.

Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation.

I am currently accepting:

Aetna, Optum, Oxford, United Healthcare, Oscar, Empire BCBS, Cigna, Magnacare, self-pay

Telehealth Therapy Available Include:

- 45 minute Zoom psychotherapy 

- 60 minute Zoom couples therapy 

- 60 minute Zoom group therapy

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    “As a first time mother I didn’t understand what was happening to me when I came home with my baby and just couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t think postpartum depression would happen to me. Why wasn’t I in perfect happiness? What kind of mother is sad or resentful that her newborn won’t latch? A bad mother. A mother who didn’t deserve her baby because I couldn’t feed him from my body. When I started therapy with Nicole I finally understood that happiness at this new beautiful life I created and the mourning of my inability to breastfeed were not exclusive. I am not a bad mom, I am a human being. Therapy with Nicole saved my life. She helped change the way I think not just about motherhood but about life and myself. She helped me be as kind to myself as I would another, something that hasn’t come easy for me. She’s always reminding me to name my feelings, name the thoughts, and realize that there is a difference between facts and feelings. She has sat with me in my tears and smiled with me in my joy. She’s accommodated me at moments notice when the sadness or anxiety was too overwhelming. She is what every therapist should be, and I can’t thank her enough.”

    T.A. - attended therapy 2021-2022

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    “I had started seeing Nicole just before becoming pregnant, during my entire pregnancy and a year postpartum and I’m beyond thankful for her. She was so helpful and reassuring during my entire journey as a 1st time mom. She helped me mentally prepare for this major life change as well as focusing on improving other areas of my life and shifting my anxious thoughts and behaviors. I continue to implement her advice on a daily basis. I really appreciate her for always caring and her gentle therapeutic approach and I can’t recommend her enough.”

    D.M. - attended therapy 2020-2022

    COUNSELING: Testimonials
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