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As your Birth Doula, I am present to support you throughout your pregnancy, during active labor, birth, and postpartum period.  In your pregnancy, I will work with you to explore any concerns you may have surrounding your birth and helping to answer any questions you may have.  In labor, I am present to provide you with physical and emotional support and to reinforce the support that your partner and/or family is able to provide you.  I will assist you with different labor positions and utilize comfort measures to help labor progress. Postpartum, I will actively listen to your feelings and support you during your postpartum time as you adjust to life with your new baby.  It is important that you understand that as your doula, I am not a medical professional. The services that I provide should not be taken as medical advice and any concerns should be discussed with your medical provider.

What you can expect to receive when you invent in my birth doula services:

  • One prenatal visit where we will develop and review your birth desires and identify ways I can best support you during your labor

  • Labor support where I will be present with you in your chosen environment for delivery

  • One postpartum visit where we can process your birth experience. I will also screen for any presence of perinatal mood or anxiety disorders


“Nicole is amazing! I was pregnant with my second child when I decided to hire a doula. I hoping for a VBAC after an unplanned and somewhat traumatic c-section with my first. Nicole supported me throughout my pregnancy, during my birthing experience, and after. She was an essential part of my pregnancy/birthing team and I could not have done it without her! She provided excellent education classes while I was pregnant and prepared me and my husband for what to expect and how to best work together and with my medical providers. Nicole is a fantastic communicator and really fosters an environment of empowerment and communication with the full birthing team. One thing that I did not expect was how much more my husband was going to feel an essential part of the birthing team compared to the first time. Nicole encouraged very important conversations prior to giving birth that we had not had previously. During the birth, my husband was so much more involved and Nicole supported him in helping meet all my needs- it was an amazing experience for the both of us! I had a longgg labor and Nicole was there for us the whole time- either right by our sides or one call/text message away. She went back and forth to our house twice and back and forth to the hospital twice after being sent back home because I was still in early labor. She was basically awake for several days with us and supported us the whole time- I could not have done it without her! She has professional and personal experience being a VBAC momma herself. She guided us through countless position changes, literally got in the shower with me during labor, and helped me feel educated and empowered every step of the way.”

Alicia O. - May 2021

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